About the company

SportPromotion OÜ is the first advertising agency in Estonia and the Baltic States that is dedicated to sports. The company helps sports clubs and sports federations to establish mutually beneficial relationships and to use their potential for supporting children’s sports, hobby sports and professional sports.

The sports advertising agency utilises the aid of partners and broadcast media to help organise successful and high-quality competitions in all fields of sports. The sports advertising agency SportPromotion OÜ has long-term co-operation agreements with international sports agencies, clubs, federations, media channels, hotels and providers of other services.

The agency offers federations and clubs help in planning and organising marketing activities, preparing budgets, finding advertising outlets, etc.

Availability of various advertising outlets allows partners and sponsors to increase the sales of their products or services and to improve the reputation of their company in the eyes of a wide public. SportPromotion offers various ways of introducing your company via sports events and via advertising in mass media.

Yuri Tsurilkin, the CEO of SportPromotion has long-term experience in the field of sports management, having organised tens of large-scale sports events and international charity events in Estonia and training camps in abroad.

Contact us via the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make you a solid offer of co-operation.