Service to federations and clubs

Services offered to federations and clubs for organisation of the activities of marketing departments and other structures:

•    Placing advertisements and implementing the advertisement opportunities of the club via exclusive rights;
•    Utilising Internet resources in commercial and marketing activities of clubs;
•    PR activities for the football club;
•    Supplying federations and clubs with equipment from all the leading companies of the world;
•    Marketing policy of football clubs;
•    Sales of TV broadcasting rights of home games of football clubs;
•    Football clubs’ relations with the public and fans;
•    Attracting partners and advertisers to football clubs;
•    Budgeting football tournaments and other sports competitions;
•    Organising PR games and veterans’ games;
•    Organising and budgeting the advertising activities of football clubs;
•    Sales of printed materials of the club in Estonian trade networks;
•    Sales of club’s commercial items in Estonian trade networks and other networks;
•    Organising the trips of partners and fans of football federations and clubs to the games and tournaments of the UEFA Champions League, the European Cup, and the selection games of World Championships and European Championships, in cooperation with tourism agencies;
•    Advertising the home games of Estonian clubs in European leagues.