Diplomat Cup 2017 / 22.04.2017 Tournament regulations, fixture list Saku Suurhall



Group A: Estonia,, Turkey, Georgia, Great Britain
Group B: Tallinn, Armenia, France, Estonian football veterans

10:00 Estonia – Great Britain (A)
10:16 Tallinn – Estonian football veterans (B)
10:32 Turkey - Georgia (A)
10:48 Armenia - France (B)
11:04 Great Britain - Georgia (A)
11:20 Estonian football veterans - France (B)
11:36 Estonia - Turkey (A)
11:52 Tallinn - Armenia (B)
12:08 Turkey – Great Britain (A)
12:24 Armenia- Estonian football veterans (B)
12:40 Georgia - Estonia (A)
12:56 France - Tallinn (B)
Quarter- finals:
13:15 A1/B4
13:35 B1/A4
13:55 A2/B3
14:15 B2/A3
14:35 A1/B4 - A2/B3
14:55 B1/A4 - B2/A3

15:20 3rd place
15:45 Final

1. 5-a-side football rules apply for the tournament.
2. 8 participating nations have been drawn into two groups with fourth
teams each.
3.All teams go to the quarter finals.
4.Teams play a round robin and the winner is determined by the highest
number of game points.
5. In case of two or more teams having the same amount of points (win -
3 points, draw - 1 point), the ranking of the teams will be decided by
the following criteria's:
1) Biggest number of wins.
2) The result(s) of the match(es) between the teams concerned.
3) Overall goal difference.
4) Biggest number of goals scored.
5) Draw.
6. Except where other provisions in these Rules are made, the Laws of
Association Football apply.
7. The wooden pitch without barriers with the size of 30 meters x 18
meters will be used for the tournament.
8. The tournament will be played with five-a-side teams (goalkeeper and
four players on the court).
9. One match lasts for 14 minutes without the half time or change of
10. The player who has been shown the red card is automatically sent off
until the end of the game and the team has no right to make a change
during the next 1 minute.
11. During the kick off, free kick, indirect free kick and corner kicks,
all players of the opposite team must be located at least 5 meters away
from the ball.
12. Blocking the goalkeeper inside the goal area is forbidden.
13. No offside occurs.
14. Penalty spot is located 7 meters from the goal line.
15. All tackles are prohibited.
16.At the play-off stage, penalty kicks from seven meters will be used
in case the game ends in a draw. The penalty kicks will be taken in
(one player from each team) until the first miss. This means the first
pair of players (one player from each team) can already decide the
result of the game.
EXAMPLE 1: Team A scores, Team B misses - Team A wins
EXAMPLE 2: Team A misses, Team B scores - Team B wins
EXAMPLE 3: Team A scores, Team B scores - next pair continues
EXAMPLE 4: Team A misses, Team B misses - next pair continues